Why list on eBaoCloud?

eBaoCloud is the app store for the insurance industry, with trusted applications for any insurance business needs - by listing on eBaoCloud, increase your app’s reach to global insurance industry.

Join industry leading applications and help thousands of insurance users to discover your offering.
We are building the largest app store for the insurance industry, the place users go to discover the best apps for their insurance solutions.
Promote your application or service alongside trusted apps and solutions already powering the global insurance industry.

How to list on eBaoCloud?

Your app or service should be useful to the insurance industry, to help provide agile and innovative solutions.
Decide which category your app best belongs to such as Policy Administration, Claims, or Digital Sales. We can also tag your application into other relevant categories such as AI, chatbots, or API.
Your provider details, such as Logo, and short blurb on the company.
Finally, contact us and if your app meets the requirements, we will help you to get listed with a detailed app entry.
Get on board

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It is useful to have some resources prepared so you can list your app quickly, things such as:
  • A short video to so users can quickly understand your application
  • PDF Brochure with more in-depth details
  • Case studies that are relevant
  • News articles that may be relevant
Prepare a few paragraphs that will be shown on the listing to introduce and highlight the features and benefits of the application.